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Queen of Swords (TV)

Tessa a la pointe  de l’epee – French title
Sous le signe de l'épée – French title
Reina de espadas – Spanish title
Queen of Swords - British title
Queen of Swords – Canadian title
Queen of Swords - U.S.A title
Царицата на рапирите – Bulgarian title
Mõõgakuninganna - Estonian title
Miekan lumo – Finnish title
Die Maske der Königin - German title
I vasilissa tou xifous – Greek title
A kardok királynője – Hungarian title
:La regina di spade – Italian title
Mbretëresha e shpatave – Kosovan title
Krolowa miecza – Polish title
Raínha de Espadas – Portuguese title
Королева мечей – Russian title
Kráľovná mečov – Slovakian title
Королева мечів – Ukrainian title
Queen of Swords – English title

A 2000-2001 French, Spanish, British, Canadian, U.S.A. co-production [M6 Métropole
    Télévision, (Paris), Morena Films/Telefonica (Madrid), Amy International Artistis (London),
    Mercury Entertainment Corp. (Toronto), Fireworks Entertainment (Hollywood)]
Producer: Ken Gord
Directors: Richard Martin, Peter Ellis, Jon Cassar, Paolo Barzman, Brian Grant, George
                 Mendeluk, Jorge Montesi, Carlos Gil (Juan Díaz), Norma Bailey, Terry Ingram
Teleplay: Durnford King, Elizabeth Keyishian, Steve Roberts (Steven Roberts), Toby Roberts,
                James Thorpe, Gillian Horvath, Elizabeth Baxter, Clint Lien, Scott Kraft, Jocelyne
Photography: Alwyn Kumst [color]
Music: Philip Stanger, John Harberman
Song: “Behind the Mask” sung by Jose Feliciano (Jose Garcia)
Running time: 22 episodes x 45 minutes

Maria Teresa ‘Tessa’ Alvarado/Queen of Swords – Tessie Santiago
Marta – Paulina Galvez
Colonel Luis Ramirez Montoya – Valentine Pelka
Captain Marcus Grisham – Anthony Lemke (Roger Lemke)
Doctor Robert Helm – Peter Wingfield
Don Hidalgo – Tacho Gonzalez (Cesar Somoza)
Queen’s horse – Chico
Grisham’s horse - Montero
Colonel Montoya’s horse - Salan
With: Ramon Camín, Cristián de la Fuente, Bo Derek (Mary Collins), Daisy Fuentes, Freddie Douglas (Fred Douglas), David Carradine, Daniel Fredenburgh, Anthony De Longis, Elizabeth  Gracen (Grace Ward), Luis Miguel Arranz, Emile Abossolo M’bo, Pilar Abella D’Arstegui (Pilar Abella), Tunde Oba, Yasmin Bannerman, Amber Batty, Simon MacCorkindale, Darius Davidauskas, Carlos la Rosa Pace, Joaquin Calderon, Stephen Billington, Luisa Villareal, Ed Stoppard (Edmund Stoppard), Michael Culkin, Rafael Castejon, Patrick Medioni, Jose Conde, Pablo Scola, Pedro Bea, Jorge Bosso (Jorge Cuelo), Domingo Beltrán (Domingo Sanchez), Richard Clifford, Steve Emerson, Irene Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal, Xavier Elorriaga, Enric Benavent, Eduardo Recabarren, Neil Newbon, Christopher de Andres, Leo Medina, Richard Cruz (Riccardo Cruz), James Innes Smith, Javier Sandoval Alvarez, Julio Morales Merino (Julio Morales), Noah Huntley, Jesus Temino, Cristina Segovia, Antonio Mayans, Enrique Rodriguez, Teresa del Olmo, Jaime Palmer Colom, Maria del Carmen Ruiz, Sung Hai Lee (Sung Hi), Burt Kwouk, Darrell D’Silva, Fernando Moraleda, Darren Tighe, Ralf Moeller, Alex Hassell, Jorge Montesi, Cyrielle Clair, Javier Lago, George Bullock, Edward Hughes, Javier Hidalgo, Miglen Mirtchev, OlivierVitrant, Alberto Roca (Albert Roca), Kike Sarasola (Enrique Sola), Alejandro Cobo Garcia, Grant Russell, Oliver Haden, Joaquin Olias, Troy Niemans, José Sancho, Diego Jiminez Flores, Diego Rodriguez
Stunt coordinator:  Jean-Louis Airola, Anthony De Longis, Michel Carliez
Horse stunt coordinator: Ricardo Cruz
Stunts: Gaëlle Cohen, Luis Miguel Arranz, Nataila Guijarro (Natalia Brasseur), Hernan Oritz Redondo, Domingo Beltrán (Domingo Sánchez), Alejandro Cobo Garcia, Ignacio Losada, Philippe Morel, Albert Goldberg, Daniel Breton, Roberta Brown, Mary de Longis, Ricardo Cruz (Ricardo Moral)
Stunt horses: Champion, Escandalo

In 1817, a young Spanish aristocrat, Tessa Alvarado, returns to Spanish California after the death of her father and finds her home in ruins, her father's manservant reduced to stealing. The town where she was born is run by a militaristic governor who abuses his power, resulting in the miscarriage of justice and the poor living conditions of his subjects. Upset about the state of her birthplace and the murder of her father, Tessa's path is revealed to her in a mysterious dream where her father comes to her and talks of his murder, his hidden gold, and of his "Avenging Angel". She will take up arms to protect the people from the town's governor and to avenge her father's death. Tessa will do this in disguise behind a mask, becoming that "Avenging Angel", The Queen of Swords.

As the Queen of Swords, Tessa becomes a vision of hope for the people who live in her long oppressed town.

Filmed in Almeria, Spain using the Fort Bravo film sets this TV series premiered on October 7, 2000 and ran for 22 episodes ending a year on June 6, 2001.

[Tessie Santiago (2001): ALMA (American Latino Media Arts Awards) nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a syndicated drama series for Queen of Swords.]

Episode list:
1) Destiny, 2) Death to the Queen, 3) Fever, 4) Vengeance, 5) The Witness, 6) Duel With a Stranger, 7) Running Wild, 8) Honor Thy Father, 9) Counterfeit Queen, 10) The Serpent, 11) The Pact, 12) The Emissary, 13) Kidnapped, 14)  The Uncle, 15) Runaways, 16) The Hanged Man, 17) The Return, 18) The Pretender, 19) Takes a Thief, 20) The Dragon, 21) End of Days, 22) Betrayed

Birthdays Then and Now

Anna Alberti (actress) 1909 – 199?
Burt Kennedy  (director, screenwriter )1922 – 2/15/2001
Gerhard Rachold (actor) 1928 – 5/18/1993
Steve Rowland (actor) 1932 - 2013
Ico Cerutti (actor) 1936 -
Henry Czarniak (actor) 1937 – 3/2/1986
Vivi Bach (actress, singer) 1939 – 4/22/2013
Macha Meril (actress) is 75 today.

Luc Meranda (actor) 1942 -
Giles Behat (screenwriter) 1949 –

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Who Are Those Guys? - Norman Bowler

Norman Clifford Bowler was born in London, England, U.K. on August 1, 1932. The son of a watch repairer, he became a member of the 1950s Soho set alongside John Minton, Francis Bacon and Daniel Farson. There he met Henrietta Moraes, who divorced her first husband, Michael Law, and married Bowler. This marriage ended in 1957. They had two children, Joshua and Caroline, although many years later it transpired that Joshua's father was actually Colin Tennant, 3rd Baron Glenconner. Berjourhi Bowler, his second wife, and Norman were divorced in 1969, after 10 years of marriage, mother of Tamara.

Bowler played a variety of bit parts and single episode roles throughout the 1960s. He was featured in one episode of ‘The Avengers’ and starred alongside James Caan in the 1969 war film “Submarine X-1”, about World War II British midget submarines.

From 1966-1976, Bowler played Det. Chief Inspector Harry Hawkins for the entire run of the BBC TV police drama ‘Softly, Softly’ (later ‘Softly, Softly: Taskforce’). He also appeared as Titinius in “Julius Caesar” (1970), as Saturninus in “Jesus of Nazareth” (1977), as Bill Smugs in “The Island of Adventure” (1982), and as Moose in the Terence Hill modern day western film “They Call Me Renegade” (1987). He later played the part of Frank Tate in the ITV soap opera ‘

Bowler has been very active in charity work and adult education in the Bristol area (where the original ‘Softly, Softly’ series was filmed in the 1960s).

Bowler and his third wife, Dianne, spent several years at Auroville International Township in Tamil Nadu, India. There he engaged in development work with people in the surrounding Tamil villages and often entertained the village children. He also worked with and directed the amateur actors of the township.

In August 2012 Bowler released a recorded reading of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Rime of the ancient mariner to raise money for The Auroville Trust.

Bowler's wife Dianne died in May 22, 2012. He continues to alternate between India and the UK.

BOWLER, Norman (Norman Clifford Bowler) [8/1/1932, London, England, U.K. -     ] - TV actor, married to model Henrietta Moraes (Audrey Wendy Abbott) [1931-1999] (1956-1957), stepfather of Joshua Bowler (Joshua Tennant) [1956-    ], father of Caroline Bowler [1957-    ], married to Berjourhi Bowler (1959-1969), father of Tamara Bowler, married to Dianne Bowler [1939-2012] (198?-2012), father of ?, foster father of Lhamo Dolma [1987-    ]
Renegade - 1987 (Moose)

Birthdays Then and Now

Armando Trovaioli (composer) 1917 – 2/28/2013
Enrique Escobar (composer) 1921 – 2/12/2004
Franco Prosperi (director, screenwriter) 1926 -
Benito Stefanelli  (actor, stuntman) 1928 – 12/12/1999
Richard C. Adams (actor) 1935 – 5/1/2012
Mariangela Giordano (actress) 1937 -
Cass Martin (actor) 1937 – 10/30/2001
Jany Clair (actress) 1938 –
Giuliano Gemma (actor) 1938 – 10/1/2013
Pippo Franco (actor, composer) 1940 -

Salma Hayek (actress) 1966 -